Girl, 8, wins world math championship by solving 70 math problems in 5 minutes — all in her head

girl 8 wins world math championship by solving 70 math problems in 5 minutes all in her head

Little Zury Tlapanco Reyes may only be 8-years-old but she could easily be the smartest person in every room she walks into. Earlier this year, the young Mexican pulled off a feat that would be practically unimaginable for most adults and did it so effortlessly that you can't help but marvel at the astonishing capabilities of her brain. Originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas, Zury won first place at the 2019 world mental calculation held in China by solving a whopping 70 mathematical problems in lighting speed with nothing but her incredible brainpower.

According to a report by Forbes México, the Aloha Mental Arithmetic School student solved all 70 math problems in just 5 mins without the help of calculators. Not only did Zury solve all of them in such a short time, but she also managed to find the correct solutions to all the problems. Leaving behind all other competitors to bag the first place in the competition, the little genius' incredible achievement was commended with the Grand Champion award, reports The Epoch Times.

Speaking to local media after her monumental win, Zury revealed that this was the first time she has participated in this type of event at an international level. However, the young genius downplayed the significance of her achievement stating that it wasn't much of a sacrifice for her since she enjoys what she does. On the other hand, Zury's family members are extremely proud of their young prodigy. They also expressed happiness and gratitude for all the support they received from all those who helped Zury attend the championship in China.

Upon Zury's return from the championship on July 24, she was greeted at the Tampico International Airport by her friends and family who surrounded her with congratulatory words and hugs. The excited 8-year-old was seen proudly carrying her trophy as she met her fans while her loved ones shouted, "Zury, Zury, ra, ra, ra." In a video posted on YouTube of the little champ's victorious return, her father can be seen hugging and lifting her up in her arms. The video also features someone screaming "Champion girl" from the crowd gathered.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, Zury said she feels "very happy and proud of having won the Grand Champion," which is the most prestigious award in the contest. She also said that the championship hadn't been too hard for her as she'd prepared well for it. When asked how he felt about his daughter having achieved something so incredible at such a young age, Zuri's father replied that was very happy and proud of the young girl and that they have supported her throughout the process.