Growth Mindset Videos: 10 TEDTalks to Share With Your Students and Children

growth mindset videos 10 tedtalks to share with your students and children

Looking for a fabulous resource for igniting discussion about having a growth mindset with your kids? Look no further! These 10 TEDTalks are guaranteed to inspire children at school or home to reach their goals despite any difficulties or obstacles they may encounter.

I admit it, TEDTalks might just be my all-time favourite, free learning resource! But what is not to love??! Here we have ten fantastic growth mindset videos exploring important mindset themes such as stamina, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, reaching for the impossible, overcoming procrastination, striving to achieve your goals, and more, available at just the touch of a button! Love!

1. Science Is For Everyone, Kids Included
Students who struggle in science courses often have the mentality that scientific process and discoveries are adult ventures. It’s hard to imagine that experiments and the scientific method can apply to their current reality. Neuroscientist Beau Lotto teams with 12-year-old student (and scientist, yes, she’s a published researcher with her classmates) Amy O’Toole. Science is for all ages, and scientific discoveries are not limited to the old, college-educated folk. O’Toole’s talk will inspire budding scientists to reach their goals and help resistant science students to see that science is for everyone.

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