Kajakken bij HBplus!

Van: Marieke HBcentrum Hoogkarspel (hoofdvestiging)
dinsdag 9 jul 2024 10:14u
kajakken bij hbplus

In the afternoon's embrace, warm and bright,
Children gather, hearts alight.
At HBplus, spirits one,
In kayaks, they chase the sun.

Paddles dip, laughter rings,
A harmony of joyful things.
Together on the water's gleam,
Bound by more than just a dream.

Dark clouds drift in the sky's expanse,
Yet in their eyes, a shared dance.
Understanding flows, deep and true,
In every splash, in every view.

Through the ripples, through the waves,
They share a bond that never waives.
Different paths, yet same in heart,
In their world, they play a part.

Embracing differences, they stand,
Side by side, hand in hand.
In kayaks, they glide and soar,
United always, forevermore.

#fyp #GiftedKids #KayakingFun #TogetherAsOne #UnderstandingEachOther #TimelessBond #HBplus #NatureAndNurture #SunAndClouds