Woodland Park Student’s Award-winning Documentary Gaining National Exposure

woodland park student s award winning documentary gaining national exposure

Film Depicts Life of Samuel Faux
~ by Trevor Phipps ~

When Woodland Park High student Samuel Faux, was about to enter ninth grade, he made a documentary about his life as a part of a project with the Youth Documentary Academy.

Moreover, this film has served as an inspiration for those undergoing certain disabilities, especially when it comes to speech limitations.

After being named the best documentary at the All-American High School Film Festival in New York, the Rocky Mountain PBS channel decided to recently start airing his short film as a part of their new series called “Our Time.”

The film depicts the life of Samuel Faux who is now a junior in high school through his own eyes. “It is about how I am twice exceptional, which means that I am gifted in one area but I have a disability,” Faux said. “It describes it for me but I wouldn’t say that it is the same for everyone but it at least describes what it is and it can serve as an entry way for others.”