Dealing with the Difficulties of Giftedness - One Day at a Time

dealing with the difficulties of giftedness one day at a time

Summary: We learned that our daughter was 2e when she was very young. Along the way we found ways to deal with some of the typical issues associated with giftedness. Along with sensory processing disorder and ADHD, our daughter struggled with anxiety. That was the biggest hurdle that she faced. Here's our story of what worked and helped her along the way. This is a part of the Hoagies Gifted Page blog hop.

We started homeschooling our gifted 2e daughter when she was three. Along the way she encountered some of the typical issues associated with giftedness: including sleep issues, intensities , sensory issues, and anxiety, etc. We tried a variety of strategies to help her.

This article includes a discussion of the things that we found to be most successful and helpful to us. As many of you know, my "kiddo" is now a college grad. Today, I am looking back to the earlier years, when the difficulties of giftedness were more apparent.

One of the biggest issue for our daughter was anxiety. And being 2e, with sensory processing issues and ADHD, those things also contributed to her anxiety.

But before we could work on that, we needed to get us all sleeping.

Let's start with the number one issue that came up in our house, during the toddler, preschool and elementary years....that of helping our daughter get to sleep.